Counselling Services in Newfoundland

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  Sometimes it is

"who you know"  

   that matters.

                                       Counselling Services in Newfoundland.

                                                         The Current Reality


The demand for quality counselling services in our province is higher than ever.


Many of the counsellors in private practice have become more specialized, limiting themselves to serving clients who need those kinds of services and even then, many of these counsellors have long waiting lists.


We think that the biggest decision is 'to reach out for help'. However, people can become discouraged by the complexity of counselling choices and the wait to actually see someone.


At Counselling NL we want to provide information which helps simplify the process for you and help you get more timely access to counselling services.


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        Aspens & Oaks


Aspens & Oaks (A&O) Est. 1993, is one of the largest counselling organizations in NL.


A&O's resources, expertise, and "desire to make a difference" provide the foundation that is required to start this work.


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